What Employers Need to Attract Top Talent

What Employers Need to Attract Top Talent

Attracting Talent

As an employer, in order to entice and retain valuable employees, it’s important to recognize and support their changing needs. By offering a comprehensive benefits package, you provide employees the chance to protect what matters most to them and help protect what matters most to you.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Group Benefits Carrier

1. Traditional & Voluntary Plan Options

When it comes to employee paid coverage, a perk of group benefits is the pricing and easy access. Combined with traditional employer paid products, you have created an offering that benefits both you and your employees.

2. Tailored Plan Design

Your company’s products and services aren’t “one-size-fits all” and the coverage your employees receive shouldn’t be either. To create the right options, you’ll need choices that are flexible and offer competitive pricing.

3. Plan Implementation Support

With good communication and quality enrollment support you can help employees understand the products available to them. This also reduces the amount of work for you.

4. Online Services

Convenient, online administrative options increase efficiency for you and your employees, thus reducing time once consumed by paper and manual processes.

5. Experience

Your group benefits carrier should have a history of financial strength. When it is time to file a claim, it’s important for employees to know they’ll be covered in their time of need.

Contact a financial professional if you'd like to discuss how the companies of OneAmerica can help your business offer an attractive employee benefits package.

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