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If you are a person who wants to make a difference, consider a sales career with the individual life and financial services division of the companies of OneAmerica®. We will help you get started as a financial professional and provide countless resources throughout your career. Each step of the way, we reward the efforts of hard working and committed financial professionals.

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OneAmerica Offers Many Paths to Your Success

Our comprehensive development program helps you leverage your entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills as a general agent or career agent, and independent financial professionals capitalize on personal potential with the companies of OneAmerica.

General Agents — Grow a general agency and lead financial professionals who sell our products to individuals and businesses. We provide transition compensation, financing, benefit packages and more.

Career Agents — You can achieve your potential as a career agent with access to a fixed life insurance and annuity portfolio and our development program featuring schools, seminars, online curriculum and more.

Note: Transparency in Coverage (TIC) regulations require health insurers and group health plans to create machine readable files (MRFs) that contain the negotiated rates for in-network providers and allowed amounts derived from historical claims for out-of-network providers and make those files available to the public. Access the MRF for the Agents Association Health Plan >>.

Independent financial professionals — If you are a financial professional who prefers to represent several companies, consider pursuing an independent broker relationship with the companies of OneAmerica. You can help clients select suitable options from your complete portfolio of products and services. We proudly align ourselves with some of the top independent producers in the country.

Contact us at oasalesdesk@oneamerica.com to learn which option might be best for you.

We'll Help You Build a Practice to Be Proud Of

We want our financial professionals to have practices they are proud of and we're serious about your training. As you step into your new career with us, you'll get the support and guidance you need, when you need it. Build your practice with confidence, and know that we are with you every step of the way.

Online, on-demand learning center — The Center of Excellence is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art online training portal designed to meet the training needs of new and seasoned field professionals.

Advanced sales support — Succeed in advanced markets with supporting literature and personalized assistance from our team of attorneys. You can help clients preserve their estates, protect their businesses and more.

Face-to-face training — As a career financial professional with the companies of OneAmerica, you will have access to events and education where you can perfect your sales skills, pursue professional development and nurture new markets.

Sales Desk — Your personal advocates at the sales desk serve as your liaisons with the companies of OneAmerica. They want to help you get your agency up and running, push through business, make sales and more.

OneAmerica's Personal Touch

Claims & Policyholder Support

Our dedicated professionals personally greet clients who call in with questions or concerns. Your clients will receive dedicated service and assistance when they want to claim benefits, request loans, coordinate payouts or make other changes to their life insurance policies and annuity contracts.

Client Education

Our financial education section offers information and provides resources to your clients who want to learn how life insurance and annuities can help them prepare their financial futures. 

Help Clients Prepare, Protect & Preserve Their Financial Future

Position yourself as a financial professional of choice — for your clients’ lifetimes and beyond. Use competitive life insurance products and annuities from the companies of OneAmerica to help clients prepare for the future, protect loved ones and preserve business interests. For more information and to help you establish and grow client relationships, and develop ideas for helping individuals achieve short- and long-term financial goals, see our products and services.

Whole & Term Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance — A policy with the security of guaranteed premiums and values. Use it to help clients address financial needs or as key person insurance to help protect business interests. Policy form series L-60.

Whole Life 121 — By spreading premium payments over a longer period of time (to age 121) payments typically are lower than with other whole life insurance products. Policy form series L-60.

Whole Life Select — With this plan, clients make policy payments over a selected amount of time to secure lifelong insurance protection. Offer your clients guaranteed premiums as well as guaranteed premium payment periods and policy values. Policy form seriesL-60 and L-60SP.

OneAmerica® Variable Universal Life Insurance – A flexible premium policy offering clients life insurance protection with the potential for cash value growth as a result of investing in subaccounts tied to the financial markets. This is a tax-preferred way to provide needed protection with upside investment potential. Policy form series ICC21 VUL21

OneAmerica® Term and OneAmerica Premier Term Insurance — This term life insurance coverage portfolio can provide families with: 10-, 15-, 20- or 30-year level premium guarantees, OneAmerica Premier Term offers conversion to permanent coverage. Both products offer optional child benefit and waiver of premium riders. Policy forms series T2330 and T2300.

Fixed Annuities

Single Premium Immediate Annuities — Guarantee a periodic income for a fixed period of time — or for life. Life annuitization options are great for clients who worry about outliving their assets. Policy form series LA-21, LA-22 and LA-23

Freedom Builder Indexed Annuity — A fixed indexed annuity with more growth potential than traditional fixed annuities as well as downside protection against market losses. Policy form series LA-32

Secure Income Stream Annuity — A flexible deferred income annuity, clients may "turn on" income at a specific age/time and benefit from a guaranteed income stream they can't outlive. Policy form series LA-33.

OneAmerica® is the marketing name for the companies of OneAmerica. Products are issued and underwritten by American United Life Insurance Company® (AUL), Indianapolis, IN, a OneAmerica company. Not available in all states or may vary by state. All guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of AUL.


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