Asset-Based Long-Term Care

Asset-Based Long-Term Care

Offer Alternatives to Long-Term Care Insurance

Help your clients prepare for potential long-term care (LTC) expenses by offering alternatives to traditional LTC insurance. Through the companies of OneAmerica®, you can offer a suite of asset-based long-term care solutions with features unavailable anywhere else. With the Care Solutions product suite from State Life, a OneAmerica Company, clients can live a long life with the security of having an LTC benefit to cover care if they need it, or leave a financial legacy if they don’t. 

Learn how you can access Care Solutions for your clients. Call our sales desk at 1-844-833-5520.

Asset-Based Long-Term Care & You 


Care Solutions LTC Benefits — If You Don't Use Them, You Won't Lose Them

Put your clients’ assets to work — using a life insurance policy or an annuity — and provide long-term care benefits. Clients can use the LTC benefit if they need it or leave the death benefit or accumulated value as part of their financial legacy. Keep reading to see how you can establish or grow client relationships through our value added products. For more on features and benefits for your clients, visit our products and services section.

Issued and underwritten by The State Life Insurance Company. May not be available in all states.

Asset Care — When a need for care arises, you have the option to accelerate your life insurance death benefit to help you pay for the care you need. Lifetime benefits and joint life protection can help you create protection that fits you and your priorities. Asset Care Form number series: ICC18 L302, ICC18 L302 JT, ICC18 L302 SP, ICC18 L302 SP JT, ICC18 R537, ICC18 R538, ICC18 SA39 and ICC18 R540.

Annuity Care® — Sell an annuity with LTC benefits where clients can access their cash value for qualifying care expenses on a tax-advantaged basis, and they can purchase extended benefits with guaranteed premiums. Policy Form #SA34, R508 (or state variation).

Annuity Care® II — Access an annuity with LTC benefits where clients can access their cash value for qualifying expenses on a tax-advantaged basis, and it has built-in extended care benefits at guaranteed premiums. Policy Form #SA35.

Providing a Firm Foundation for Meeting an All-to-Real Future Need

Claims & Policyholder Support

We’ll be there when your clients need us most. Trust our service-oriented team to coordinate long-term care benefits and to assist clients with life insurance policies and annuity contracts.

Client Education

Help your clients learn how preparing for later-in-life care can give them more control. Help them understand that there are alternatives to high-cost long-term care insurance premiums.
• Read up-to-date articles about long-term care in our financial education section
• Learn about our Care Solutions® product suite in our products and services section

Supporting You with Resources & Reputation

Our dedicated wholesaling team is the largest in the asset-based LTC market. Regardless of where you call home — and where you need the support — the companies of OneAmerica have a local professional with the knowledge you need to succeed.

Experience — Our asset-based long-term care products have been available for more than 30 years. That's decades of dependability, experience and expertise you can count on.

Innovation — We were the first to market with a whole life insurance-based LTC product and the first to market with an annuity-based LTC product.

Consistent financial strength — We offer you and your clients financial strength. American United Life Insurance Company® (AUL) and its affiliates: The State Life Insurance Company® (State Life) and Pioneer Mutual Life Insurance Company® (PML) were one of the few companies to receive an A.M. Best rating upgrade to "A+" during the recent financial crisis — because we have one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry. Through good markets and bad, we've been there with rock-solid products and market commitment. On July 29, 2020, AUL, State Life, and PML were rated A+ (Superior) by A. M. Best. This is the second highest of 16 possible ratings assigned by the agency. On Sept. 14, 2020, AUL and State Life were rated AA- by S&P. This is the fourth highest of 22 possible ratings assigned by the agency.

Online Resources — A variety of tools and information is available on our site dedicated to LTC products, www.assetbasedltc.com. Once there, you'll be able to personally and accurately match your clients' needs to the innovative products we offer by accessing marketing tools and training specific to OneAmerica Care Solutions. 

Getting Started

Find out how you can offer Care Solutions to your clients. Add an alternative to long-term care insurance to your portfolio if you:
• Have appropriate state required licenses (varies by state)
• Work with clients age 40+

Our current distribution model includes a variety of wholesalers, including:
• Authorized OneAmerica insurance companies & agencies
• Financial institutions
• Brokers
• Others

Learn how you can access Care Solutions for your clients. Call our sales desk at 1-844-833-5520.



All products issued and underwritten by The State Life Insurance Company®.

None of the OneAmerica companies nor their representatives provide tax or legal advice.  For answers to specific questions and before making any decisions please consult a qualified attorney or tax advisor. 


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