Fixed Annuities

Fixed Annuities

Get Guarantees with Your Retirement Income Strategy

AUL, a OneAmerica company offers a range of fixed annuities. Ask your financial professional about fixed annuities or fixed indexed annuities if you want:

  • Protection from market volatility — If you are a more conservative investor, fixed and fixed indexed annuities can help protect and preserve assets
  • Tax-deferred growth — Choose the comfort of guarantees from a financially sound company or link to a market index with caps and participation rates
  • A retirement income stream — You can use your annuity’s accumulated value to supplement your retirement income

Balancing Risk & Reward

Fixed and fixed indexed annuities offer several options depending on how you like to balance risk and reward. For help with making a decision and to explore additional product details, contact a financial professional.

  • Purchase as early in life as you can to accumulate potentially more value
  • Transfer existing assets or start fresh
  • Choose a strategy that works for you
  • Create income payments when you need them the most
  • Deferral periods vary, meaning some products provide income immediately and others have deferral periods

Different Annuities for Different Goals

Depending on your financial goals and needs, you can choose from fixed annuities and fixed indexed annuities. Consider making fixed or fixed indexed annuities part of your financial strategy if you want to:

  • Prepare for retirement by potentially growing your assets in a tax-deferred way
  • Receive a guaranteed retirement income for a set period of time or the rest of your life
  • Balance asset protection and growth

Time for a Realignment?

Whether you already have annuity accounts with the companies of OneAmerica or you want to learn more about our products and services, you can take action today: Contact a financial professional or manage your account online.

  • Realign your financial strategy to keep your goals within reach
  • Change the crediting strategy for your fixed indexed annuity, which may affect your level of risk
  • Access the account value for your annuity (subject to ordinary income taxes and a potential 10% tax penalty if your are under age 59 ½)
  • Use online forms to change your name, address and beneficiaries



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